Cash tracking (Cash management)

AgentCASH enable simple cash tracking so that you can know at any moment how much cash you should have in your cash drawer.


1. Turning on cash tracking

  1. Open application menu by tapping (≡) in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings, then Cash management. A window with cash management settings will appear.
  3. Enter the default cash amount for the shift start. You can override this amount later, whenever you start a new shift.
  4. Turn on Cash drawer switch. Application menu (≡) will from now on show additional option - Cashmanagement.


2. Using cash tracking 

2.1. Starting a shift

You will need to "Open a drawer" at the start of each shift. At the start of the shift:

  1. From the application menu (≡) tap Cash management.
  2. Tap on the first item in the list ("Current drawer").
  3. Enter the starting cash amount and tap on the button Open drawer.

After you open a drawer, you will be able to see the starting time, number of the first and last invoice in that shift, starting cash amount, cash sales, cash refunds, amounts paid-in or out the drawer, as well as the expected amount in the cash drawer.


2.2. Cash in/out

Sometimes, you'll need to record when you put money into the drawer during the shift or when you get the money out of the drawer.

To record cash in or cash out:

  1. From the application menu (≡) tap Cash management > Current drawer.
  2. Tap on Paid In/Out button.
  3. Enter the amount and the description.
  4. Tap on Paid in if you are puting cash into the drawer, or Paid Out if you are getting cash out of the drawer. 


2.3. Closing the shift

  1. From the application menu (≡) tap Cash management > Current drawer.
  2. Tap Close drawer button.

Note: App will not allow having a drawer open for more than 24 hours and will warn you if you try to issue an invoice after this period has passed.


2.4. Historical view

For the list of all cash drawer sessions, open your web dashboard and click Sales > Cash drawer. You can also get a history of all sessions if you tap Cash management from the application menu (≡).


2.5. Printing cash drawer report

You can print a mini cash drawer report on your POS printer. To do that:

  1. From the application menu (≡) tap Cash management > Current drawer.
  2. A window with the details will appear.
  3. Tap on the printer icon in the upper right corner. Cash drawer report will be printed on your current printer.
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