How to pair a Bluetooth printer and to set it up as a receipt printer?

Before purchasing a printer, make sure the model is compatible with the AgentCASH application. Also, check the technical specifications of the printer for compatibility with the operating system used by your mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows10).

To pair and set up a BT printer in the cash register as a receipt printer, follow these steps and take a look at the featured video tutorial below.

1. Before connecting the printer to the AgentCASH application, you must pair it with your mobile device:

  1. Tap the icon ‘Settings’ on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Move the slider to the right to activate the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device.
  4. Turn on the printer and place it next to your mobile device.
  5. Tap 'Search'/'Scan' in your Bluetooth device settings.
  6. Select the printer on the list of available devices in the Bluetooth device settings.
  7. The mobile device will ask for the PIN to pair the devices. (Try with: 0000 or 1234).
  8. If the pairing was successful, the printer will appear on the list of paired devices in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device.

2. Adding a printer for printing invoices and account balance in AgentCASH application:

  1. Once the printer has paired successfully with your mobile device, run the AgentCASH application.
  2. Open application menu by tapping () in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Devices->Printers.
  5. In the right window, tap Add Printer.
  6. Select the printer type (in this case select Bluetooth) from the list.
  7. Select from the list of available Bluetooth printers, the one you have previously paired with your mobile device.
  8. Printer is now added to the AgentCASH application.
  9. Tap the printer on the list of a connected printers to edit the printer settings. When finished, tap Save on the top right corner of the screen.

Additional options in the printer settings:

  • edit the paper width
  • set to print the receipt automatically / manually
  • edit a number of the receipt copies
  • assign a printer to print a receipt
  • assign a printer to print a cash management report
  • assign a printer to print orders
  • assign a printer to print stubs
  • print test receipt
  • open cash drawer
  • remove the printer


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