Add a product variants

For some items it is the best to add them as items with variants (e.g. size, colour, flavour...).

Variant 'option' is defined with its 'name' and 'values'. It is possible to add multiple variant options for one item.

To create an item variant:

  1. Sign in to your AgentCASH administrator user account on the web.
  2. In the menu, click 'Products'.
  3. Click '+ADD' to create a new product or
  4. Select the existing product from the products list and click 'EDIT'.
  5. Click 'ADD VARIANTS' to add product variants.
  6. Under the 'Option name' label enter the variant option (e.g. size, colour, flavour...).
  7. In the 'Option values' box enter values for the variant option and click enter (e.g. for the variant option 'Size' enter: Small, Medium, Large; for the variant option 'Colour' enter: blue, red, green etc.).
  8. To add multiple variant options click on the '+' sign to add new option. For each variant option at least two values must be defined.
  9. After you have defined variant options and values, the system will create product variants with all the combinations (options/values). Remove a thick from the check box for the variant option/value you do not want to use.
  10. In the 'PRICE' column enter the price for each variant. For variable price, leave the price filed empty. For the variant with the price zero (free product), enter '0' in the price field.
  11. To save changes, click 'Save'.

Re-enter the AgentCASH application to synchronise merchant account. After the synchronisation, the changes will be visible.

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