How to create an automatically added service charge?

Service charge can be added manually in the AgentCASH application or it can be created in the AgentCASH dashboard and added automatically to the cart (e.g. for more than 6 guests). Automatically added service charge can easily be removed from the cart afterwards, if required.

To create a service charge that is automatically added to the cart:

  1. Sign in to your AgentCASH administrator user account on the web.
  2. In the main menu select 'Settings->Outlets'.
  3. Select the outlet from the list you wish to add an automatically service charge.
  4. Click 'EDIT'.
  5. Under the 'AUTOMATIC SURCHARGE' add description (e.g. Service charge) that will be visible on the invoice.
  6. Select the type of service charge in the drop down menu and:
    • enter the amount in £ for the 'fixed amount' or
    • enter the 'percentage' that will be calculated from the the total amount in the cart.
  7. Enter the number of 'minimum persons' you wish the service charge gets automatically added to the cart.
  8. Click 'SAVE'.

To get the service charge automatically added to the cart, in the AgentCASH application, the 'Open checks' must be activated.

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