With AgentCASH, there are no start up fees, no monthly fees, no long term contracts and no cancellation fees.



AgentCASH charges 2,49% per each card transaction, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro, all at the same rate.

Charge 100 EUR, see 97.51 EUR deposited into your bank account.


The Chip & PIN reader

Before you start accepting card payments, you'll need a Chip&PIN reader that costs 99 EUR (£78). Card reader connects wirelessly via bluetooth connection with your Android smartphone or tablet and converts it to a full-fledged card acceptance system.


Supported currencies

AgentCASH supports transactions in currencies of 32 SEPA member countries. However, due to some technical limitations, settlements might not always be possible in your local currency. In such case, settlement will be done in EUR.


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