Pairing an AgentCASH Bluetooth card reader (Pos-Mate) with a mobile device





  1. Card reader components
  2. Charging the card reader
  3. Turning the card reader on/off
  4. Pairing the card reader with an Android/iOS device
  5. Changing the card reader language


1. AgentCASH card reader components

  • PosMate® Smart card reader - 1 pc.
  • USB cable - 1 pc.
  • Power adapter (220V/50Hz) - 1 pc.


2. Charging the AgentCASH card reader

To charge the AgentCASH card reader, insert one end of the USB cable into the (Mini USB port) socket on the upper left side of the card reader. Insert other end of the USB cable into the power adapter. Insert the AC plug of the power adapter into a power outlet.

As the card reader is charging, a small red light below the display will illuminate. When fully charged, the red light will turn green.

If the battery is completely flat, a full charge will take up to 4 hours.





3. Switching the card reader On

To switch the AgentCASH card reader On, press and release the power button on the top right edge of the card reader. After approximately 1 second, the display will illuminate.



4. Establishing a Bluetooth connection (Pairing)

The AgentCASH card reader and an Android/iOS device need to talk to one another using Bluetooth and thus need to be paired. Follow the steps below to establish a Bluetooth connection:

  1. Switch On the card reader and the Android/iOS device

  2. Initiate the Bluetooth pairing process on the card reader

  • Press the yellow option button
  • Select “DATA BEARER” option by pressing 1
  • Enter the card reader PIN (Default PIN: 8497)
  • Press OK to confirm the PIN
  • Card reader is now ready to be paired

   3. Initiate the pairing process on the Android/iOS device

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings screen on the Android/iOS device (Settings - Bluetooth)
  • Initiate Bluetooth discovery process (Search for devices)
  • In list of discovered devices, select the Posmate

  4. A security code will be shown on the Android/iOS device. Enter this code on the           card reader to complete the pairing process.


Once pairing is successful, a blue light will be seen under the display of the card reader.





5. Changing the card reader language

Follow the steps below to change the language on the PosMate® Smart card reader.

1. Turn On the card reader

2. Press the yellow option button 2 (two) times.

After pressing the yellow option button 2 times, first option (marked with Number 1) is the language change option.

Depending on the current language set on the card reader, option name will be one of the following:

  • "1. Language" - if current language is English
  • "1. Langue" - if current language is French
  • "1. Taal" - if current language is Dutch
  • "1. Sprache" - if current language is German
  • "1. Jezyk" - if current language is Polish
  • "1. Kieli" - if current language is Finnish
  • "1. Språk" - if current language is Swedish

Choose the language change option by pressing digit number 1.

3. Card reader support seven foreign languages. Card reader screen can show at most three languages. Pressing the yellow option button will rotate the supported languages on the card reader screen.

4. When the language you want appears on the card reader screen, choose the language by pressing the digit displayed with the language.


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